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Schedule  Saturday May 22, 2021
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Ship Road Park
General Info  There are no assigned time slots for teams.  Individual players can have their photographs taken any time during operating hours.  We suggest 35-40 minutes before your scheduled game time depending on your coaches' pre-game routine.  It usually takes about a minute to photograph each player in 2-3 poses; wait times rarely exceed five minutes.   Players should bring a bat and/or glove to pose with.

Look for the white Brandywine Digital tents when you get to the fields.  We will be there from one hour before the first game until the start of the last game.

There is no paperwork, no fee, no obligation to buy, BUT...
We are not posing the teams with all players together.  We will be creating a composite team photo instead.  The success of team photos hinges on every individual player posing for photos.  Please stop by the picture tents while you are at the fields on May 22.
How To Get Photos  All orders will be done online at this site:
Photos should start appearing here on Sunday 5/23, but we do anticipate it will take several days to get over 30 teams processed. 
We're Still 
Social Distancing 
Our staff will be be wearing masks at all times and gloves where necessary -- hopefully not for much longer, but, this weekend, it is the uniform of the day.  Please continue to observe basic Covid safety protocols while we go through the photo process.