Photo Session Pre-Orders




Please note the following information regarding the use of this page:

  • This site is for pre-ordering photographs for your team’s photo day.  This does not guarantee a unique photo appointment.  It is the customer’s responsibility to appear at the specified date and time arranged by their organization.  Requests for rescheduled appointments will incur a sitting fee.  Refunds due to non-appearance will incur a service charge.
  • Photographs and custom graphics shown on this page are samples for illustration purposes only.  We introduce new graphics every season.
  • Player information is *required* at checkout.  If we can not identify a player, we can not process his order.
  • Families with more than one player must fill out this form separately for each individual player.  Families requesting group shots should fill out one form for each shot requested.
  • Note that you will not see shipping charges at checkout.  All orders will be delivered together to your organization, and they will handle distribution.