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19 December

2014-2015 Holiday Schedule

The holiday weeks are usually very busy for us, and this year is no exception.   Our office will be open sporadically during the holidays.   Please refer to the schedule below for dates and times you can track us down if you need us.  Season’s Greetings to you and yours!    Monday, Dec. 22 OPEN 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM  Tuesday, Dec, 23 OPEN 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Wednesday, Dec. 24 CLOSED  Thursday, Dec. 25 CLOSED  Friday, Dec. 26 CLOSED  Saturday,…

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9 November

Wine, Women & Song

If you have to work on a Sunday morning, it might as well be this way.          

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25 October

Going Off-Road, Again…

Lugging 30 pounds of gear two miles into the woods isn’t a whole lot of fun.  Enter, The Gator.  It’s not quite as fast as the Porsche I was given to drive between points at last month’s bike race in West Virginia, but, then again, the Porsche can’t go where The Gator goes.

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24 October

Downingtown East HS Hockey Photo Schedules

Schedules for all teams are listed below.  Please note that we will begin taking individual photos off-ice 1 hour before your ice time is scheduled to start.  We will have assistants on-site to help with paperwork if there are any issues.  All players should bring gloves and stick to their individual photo session.  Team photos will be taken at the start of your scheduled ice time.  Gloves only for team photos. Tuesday, October 28th Individual Photo Start Time:   3:15 PM Team Photo Start Time:   4:15 PM Teams:   Girls Varsity, Middle School…

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24 October

Exton Kings Photo Schedules

Tuesday, October 28 5:40 PM — Squirt B 6:50 PM — Peewee AA & Peewee A 8:00 PM — Bantam B & THL 9:10 PM — Midget 18 Wednesday, November 5 5:25 PM — Squirt AA & Squirt A 6:35 PM — Peewee B1 & Peewee B2 7:45 PM — Bantam AA & Bantam A 8:55 PM — Midget 16AA & Midget 16A Photos will be taken on-ice beginning immediately when the ice is open for our use.  Assistants will be available one hour…

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20 October

West Chester United Delivery Information

As of Friday October 18 all Team & Individual photos from the Fall 2014 season have been delivered to WCUSC.  It is now up to the club to distribute team packages to coaches, then the coaches will distribute individual orders to their families.  We encourage coaches to not hold onto packages until the final day of the season, for two reasons.  First, if the is a problem with a photo that we can solve with a reshoot, it is easier for us to…

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15 October

The Glamorous Life of a Sports Photographer

The best seats in the house… Rubbing elbows with elite athletes… Yeah, we do get some cool access to top events, but when all is said and done, nobody thinks of us like you see here: doing the day-to-day grind, working in miserable conditions, to earn a check doing what we love.  The end of today’s golf shoot at Commonwealth National Golf Club…  Some fun, eh?

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8 October

Tearing into October

October brings a chill to the air, color to the leaves, yada, yada, yada…    For sports photographers, it also brings triathlons, bike races, marathons, football, hockey and soccer — and the seemingly never-ending prep work and processing that accompany them.  From printing order forms and scheduling staff; photographing athletes from pre-K to pensioners; editing, printing and distributing photos; and maintaining our photo archive and website, October is a whirlwind month at Brandywine Digital.    And that’s the way we like it. For major racing events…

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26 September

We’re back…

…I think! What happens when the stubbornly self-sufficient, know-it-all president of a small company decides it’s time for a web site upgrade?  He breaks the Internet — really bad.   That’s what I did earlier this week.  I digitally zigged when I should have zagged.   I killed our company’s web presence during our busiest week of the year.   Not only did I take us off-line at a very inopportune time, I didn’t really have time to fix it.  Four days and three…

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