You got questions? We got answers.




When will photos from my event be on the web site?

Our goal is to have photos uploaded for viewing and purchase 2-3 business days after an event. Occasionally shooting multiple events in a short time frame may cause a delay of a day or two. We understand your eagerness to view photos of your event, and work to make sure your photos are available as soon as possible.


How long do photos stay on your system?

Photos from most events remain available for one year.


Why were there no photos of my kid?

We try to photograph each and every player at an event. But there are many factors that are out of our control that often influence which players get photographed and how frequently. Coaches decide which players get used and for how long, and some players, by nature of their position or skill, tend to be “in the action” and therefore photographed more frequently than others. Venue accessibility, vantage points and time constraints also play a part in which players we are able to shoot. If you know beforehand that you’re interested in purchasing photos and you see a photographer at the field, it doesn’t hurt to ask the photographer to keep an eye out for your players.



How many different sports have you photographed?

A lot!   We’ve lost count.   Really…   CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLING.   This is a large gallery.   It may take several seconds to load.


How long does it take to get my pictures after I order?

Believe it or not, you have more control over that then we do. Most of the time our lab makes prints within two days of your order. Specialty items (mugs, calendars, etc.) can take upwards of a week. After that, the shipping you choose also affects turnaround time.


Our coach missed the team photo. Can you Photoshop him in later?

No. Well, actually, yes, we can, but, no, we won’t. We can’t guarantee the results because we can’t ensure the quality of the picture you submit, and sales from that one photo won’t cover the cost of the time it takes to do a great edit.


What’s a “memory mate?”

A memory mate is the standard souvenir product offered by almost all youth sports photographers. It usually consists of a 3.5″x5″ individual portrait and 5″x7″ team photo combined in a sports memento folio. But our memory mates are different. We have fully customized 8×10 prints combining team and individual photos with sport-related graphics. Samples of our memory mates are featured in our “Products” section.


How long will my digital prints last?

We can’t answer that because we don’t know how you plan to use your prints. All prints, regardless of the printing technology, will fade over time. That rate of change is affected by exposure to sunlight and various other environmental factors. If you display or store your photos with care, they will last generations.


Do you do custom cropping?

We have to crop almost every print we make to fit various print sizes. If the is something you want to take out or leave in, send us a note when you order and we’ll do our best to make sure your photo suits your eye.


How about custom editing and touch ups?

Yes, but we charge by the hour, and quality technician time isn’t necessarily cheap. Contact us for a job-specific quote.


How can you own the copyright if it’s a photo of my child?

If we took the photo, we own the rights to the image no matter whose likeness is depicted. However, we are not allowed to sell these likenesses to third parties for commercial purposes without your written consent.


Can I have the digital file for my photo?

Yes. We do sell downloads for each photograph we offer on-line. Please refer to our ordering section for details.”


I bought the print. Doesn’t that entitle me to the digital file too?

No. When you buy a photographic print, you buy the media on which it is printed and the right to view the image for personal use. You do not buy the rights to the photo in any other form, or the right to reproduction it in any form.


Can I scan the prints?

Yes, as long as the resulting files are used only in electronic form and are not distributed. Copyright laws do provide for a limited number of personal-use copies to be made by the purchaser of the product. For example, if you want to scan your photo to use as your computer “wallpaper”, that is fine. If you want to scan the photo and print duplicates for all your friends and relatives, that is a violation of the copyright as it deprives us of the profit we would normally make from the sale of those prints.


I know you were the official photographer, but I’d rather not have my child’s photo on your website. What can I do?

Call or email us with the details of the event, game and photo number in question and request its removal. We will not deny any reasonable requests and we will handle it as quickly as possible. However, removing photographs where your child was one of a group may not always be possible.