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20 October

As of Friday October 18 all Team & Individual photos from the Fall 2014 season have been delivered to WCUSC.  It is now up to the club to distribute team packages to coaches, then the coaches will distribute individual orders to their families.  We encourage coaches to not hold onto packages until the final day of the season, for two reasons.  First, if the is a problem with a photo that we can solve with a reshoot, it is easier for us to track down players at their remaining games.  Also, if a family misses the end-of-season games, they don’t receive their photos, and the search for the missing order begins.

Now that we are done with all the order fulfillment, and delivery is underway, we will start uploading everything to our servers for on-line reorder.  To make it easier for you to find your teams in our site we organize every photo into specific folders sorted by age group, gender, and team.  That means we have to perform over 150 separate uploads for everything to land where it belongs.  The process should take a few days, at most.

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