Tearing into October





8 October
Pedal, Paddle, Pace

Pedal, Paddle, Pace

October brings a chill to the air, color to the leaves, yada, yada, yada…    For sports photographers, it also brings triathlons, bike races, marathons, football, hockey and soccer — and the seemingly never-ending prep work and processing that accompany them.  From printing order forms and scheduling staff; photographing athletes from pre-K to pensioners; editing, printing and distributing photos; and maintaining our photo archive and website, October is a whirlwind month at Brandywine Digital.    And that’s the way we like it.

For major racing events like the recent Marshalton Triathlon, we try to make online photo searching as convenient as possible by tagging each of the event’s photos with every visible racer number.    With 12,000+ photos and 1,700 racers, you can imagine the amount of time that involves!    But it’s worth the time and effort to help participants sort through the thousands of images in search of themselves and their teammates.    So please bear with us as we continue this process.    Marshalton Triathlon photos will uploaded in stages as we complete tagging each section.    In addition to being searchable by race bib numbers (when visible), they will also be organized by race stage and hour.

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