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26 September

…I think!

What happens when the stubbornly self-sufficient, know-it-all president of a small company decides it’s time for a web site upgrade?  He breaks the Internet — really bad.   That’s what I did earlier this week.  I digitally zigged when I should have zagged.   I killed our company’s web presence during our busiest week of the year.   Not only did I take us off-line at a very inopportune time, I didn’t really have time to fix it.  Four days and three sleepless nights later I have about 50% of our content back on-line, including all the important stuff, notably our images.

Going forward I plan to use this blog to post news about our schedules and events, maybe an occasional story from some of our adventures.  No how-to articles.  No vainglorious musings about how I invented the spiritual nature of photography.  I don’t want to break the Internet again.


Cogito, ergo sum in linea.

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